Meccano Model for today… 2.9 Lifting Shovel

I wasn’t too pleased with this model…

It was quite an unsatisfying build. I think it was a little bit too ambitious. Outfit 2 is a really restrictive kit so there were no suitable components to attach the cord tightly to the axles.

The steering worked really well with the cord wrapped multiple times around the steering column, but the bucket lifter really didn’t work at all well. The middle of the string should be attached to the axle and it should wind up each side uniformly to lift the bucket.

The obvious thing to use would have been a spring clip, but these were in really short supply. The rod that acts as a pulley/roller for the string lifting the bucket was only retained by one clip and should have had two really.

The principle behind the model is great – lower the bucket and it’ll be pulled horizontal by one string. Lift the bucket to full height and another string will cause it to tip.

It’s just a pity we were short a couple more spring clips.

Plus it was a real pain getting the back cover in place !

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