Makevember 14th Temperature sensors

How many more times can I revisit temperature sensing.

Well, a few more times I guess.

After building the sensors yesterday using the larger NodeMCU board and the seperate DHT11 sensor, I got to wondering why my little ESP01S board and carrier were working so badly.

The received wisdom is that the package is too small and the sensor gets heated by the ESP01S and the carrier board ( probably the voltage regulator). So, in order to confirm I though I would desolder the sensor and put it on some fairly short wires.

Before removing the sensor, I recorded a set of readings,

Temperature readings with sensor on the board

You can see that the temperature starts out just under 18 degrees – which is about right for my office, and then gradually rises to about 26 degrees – which is far too warm. It is an old and cold house.

So, I stuck some wires on the sensor, and we now get the following graph…

Instead of the swift rise we are getting a slow drop, which feels about right. After all it is evening.

In other news, after turning off auto bed levelling on the 3D printer it seems to have a much more consistent datum. I’ve no idea why this suddenly (after several years) became a problem, but it did. I may experiment a little more. Possibly running the bed levelling before running the Z home might be the way forward.

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