Makevember 21st Solving one annoying little problem.

Do you ever have that “Where is my pencil” moment. I’m incapable of putting it down in a consistent, repeatable, findable manner. Also, other people keep taking my pencils, using them and discarding them when they are blunt. This makes me mildly grumpy. So, I think I’ve solved the problem.

It turns out that you can buy one hundred and forty four HB pencils with eraser ends for just over £10.

I have a number of mugs which do not adequately meet the requirements for daily use.

Combining the two and I’ve created six pencil distribution centres which have been distributed around the areas of greatest pencil requirement.

There is a pencil protocol. If the pencil is sharp, leave it pointing upwards. If blunt, the tip is down. If you find a pencil in an improper place, return it to the nearest mug.

I’m hoping that I’ll now be able to find sharp pencils, and will be able to deal with the sharpening chore in bulk. I’m also expecting to find large piles of pencils where I keep putting them down and forgetting where I have put them.

What can possibly go wrong…

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