Makevember 22nd Labels for Organising Drawers

I used to have lots of plastic boxes with things in. I could never find the thing I was looking for. So I bought some smaller boxes to organise the things. Today I’ve made some neat labels for the smaller boxes of things.

These little drawer organiser things were quite cheap and they have been really useful. I’ve sorted my “random components” into these drawers and it has been helpful. For instance, I happen to have a lifetime supply of voltage regulators as I kept ordering them when I couldn’t find any.

Anyhow, I did put handwritten labels on everything, but thought I could do better.

I drew some labels in Inkscape, using the font from the ill fated 1990s moon mission, Eurostile Extended Bold. and printed them of adhesive paper. It looks a bit 1970s, but that’s fine, it makes me happy.

I’ve still got lots more drawers to fill and some rationalisation and grouping related bits together. It’s a good work in progress and I’ve felt how useful this sort of organisation really is.

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