Amiga Bits

I’m selling some old computer stuff. I’ve included pictures here to avoid cluttering up the for-sale listing. You can click on the pictures for a full resolution version. I’ve used flash to try and get a reflection off the surfaces so you can see the texture easier. If anything is unclear drop me a line and I’ll take pictures under natural light tomorrow.

Cyberstorm PPC

Output from WhichAmiga beta
Front side of the board

Back side of the board

I’ve been asked for some more info, so…

WhichAmiga and Showconfig
PPC board running voxel demo and showinfo

This one is a bit crap – I don’t have a graphics card in this machine so it is having to run in 8 colour workbench… It does however show that the ppc is there and working. It is a 233Mhz, and the voxelspace demo takes very little of the cpu power.

Cyberstorm mk3

CyberVision PPC – fits either CS-PPC or CV-PPC

Cyberstorm 060

SCSI Module for Cyberstorm Mk2